Virtual Educational Services

LEAD Education provides all academic, cognitive, and consultation services virtually for students around the globe. Students ages Pre-K-12 grades have found great success with our individualized approach to education through virtual learning technology and innovative programs that support their overall academic, cognitive, and executive functioning skills.

Our students quickly see beneficial results from our virtual educational services, as we are able to provide them with a wide range of services, including:

Educational and Cognitive Programs

Educational therapy involves comprehensive, evidence-based programs to meet individual goals, as well as academic, cognitive, and executive functioning support for students.


We offer tutoring services for students K-12 that helps students accelerate their academic achievement in a variety of subjects.

PACE and Cogmed

We specialize in PACE and Cogmed services, which are scientifically validated methods that improve the working memory and attention skills, allowing students to experience better learning.


We provide virtual learning and homeschooling that helps students obtain great achievements in their learning and overall development. Our homeschooling has many benefits, such as flexibility, custom-tailored academics, efficiency, and many more opportunities.

Parent Consultation

We provide parent consulting, which includes ISEE and SSAT consultation and planning, academic admission essay consultation, educational consultation to improve student success, as well as educational consultation for finding the right private school for your child. We understand and recognize the importance of providing support to children and their parents to ensure that they receive the best guidance pertaining to their education.

Admissions Support

We help students and their parents with admissions support, which involves application processes for private school and more.

ISEE and SSAT Testing and Consultations

We provide students with private and small-group testing for ISEE and SSAT. If students need accommodations for testing, we are able to provide them with that as well. We also provide ISEE and SSAT consultation services.

Contact Us For Virtual Education Services

Education is constantly developing. This is why we take pride in how we support our clients, because we implement the latest advancements in our services. We understand the importance of supporting our students throughout these transitions. Whether you are seeking educational therapy, homeschooling, tutoring, educational consultations, or any of our other services, we are here to help you and your child every step of the way. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information about our services.

We recognize the true value of consistent support, collaboration and consultation.