Kindergarten Readiness

LEAD Education is an advocate for early-intervention. We have developed a kindergarten readiness program using a developmental framework and implements multi-sensory, research-based programs. We recognize that every child is unique and therefore has a unique developmental trajectory. In order to support our young learner’s development, we use a whole-child approach when creating a treatment plan.

Our program offers a whole-child intervention approach. We target the following three areas: academic development, cognitive development and executive functioning skills. Our program is developed with an understanding that our young learners may need sensory breaks, positive reinforcement protocol and a high level of engaging activities.

Cogmed JM can be offered for our pre-k clients if needed. The Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer based program designed to improve attention problems caused by working memory challenges. Our preschool and kindergarten students may benefit from cognitive programs and can be provided with one-on-one instruction. Targeting underlying cognitive and processing skills can improve brain functioning and activate our young learners ability to retain and hold onto new information.

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