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LEAD Education

LEAD Education, LLC was founded by educational therapist, Lindsay Henry. LEAD Education strives to provide children with a highly effective and engaging approach to learning. LEAD Education provides educational and social development programs for clients of all ages. Our goal is to provide clients with the support they need to thrive, both academically and socially.

LEAD Education prides itself on its ability to collaborate with parents, teachers, and allied professionals. We recognize the true value of consistent intervention and collaboration. We are a team of educators and clinicians who are inspired by seeing our clients achieve small and large successes in their learning and overall development.

Students are often referred to LEAD Education when they are experiencing academic and/or executive functioning difficulties. We work with our students one-on-one to provide them with the support they need. As they develop their skills we strive to foster a passion for learning and academic risk-taking. We hope to inspire our kids to take on challenges and think outside of the box.

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Our Founder

Lindsay Henry is a passionate, life-long learner. She has entered the field of Educational Therapy to motivate and inspire students as they develop the skills they need to be successful students, friends, and leaders.

Lindsay received Bachelor Degrees in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Oregon. She then went on to pursue a Masters in Teaching from the University of Southern California and a secondary Masters in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. She has been endorsed by the Association of Educational Therapists (AET) as an Educational Therapist/Professional (ET/P).

Lindsay has a wide range of clinical and educational remediation experience with children ages 3-18. She has worked with private schools, public schools and in several clinical settings throughout Los Angeles.

She is experienced in providing ABA and DIR/Floortime therapy techniques. She has led social skills groups using the Michelle Garcia Winner and the UCLA PEERS social skills curriculums. Lindsay has conducted research for the UCLA PEERS social skills program and is a certified PEERS provider. Lindsay strives to integrate her therapeutic knowledge and skills to support each child's learning process.

In addition to her work as an educational therapist and child development specialist, Lindsay has presented at several conferences, conducted a music therapy study on the benefits of music therapy for children with learning differences and has worked with a team of experts to published a peer-reviewed article on the History of Music Therapy.

Our Staff

LEAD Education carefully hires experienced educators and clinicians. Our specialists are provided with ongoing supervision and mentorship. Each Educational Specialist has the opportunity to further develop their skills through continuing education and specialized training.

What We Offer

Educational & Cognitive Programs

One on one academic and cognitive programs.

Kindergarten Readiness

Engaging curriculum for our young learners.


An individualized approach to schooling.

Social Skills

Programs to support students social-emotional development.

Who We Support

Educational therapy is often recommended for children who have been diagnosed with learning differences and developmental disorders. Educational therapy is provided by a professional who has experience with, both educational and therapeutic techniques. Educational therapy provides the child and their family with remediation, assessment, consultation, and case management.

Our educational therapy sessions are designed to support our students' goals based on thorough assessment and treatment planning.

We offer individualized enrichment and cognitive programs for children with learning differences as well as, gifted students who are seeking additional opportunities to strengthen their skills past what they are receiving in their current educational opportunities. In addition, we develop Project Based Learning (PBL) opportunities for students to use their skills in unique and engaging ways.

Parent Testimonials

We are very grateful for the amazing support Lindsay Henry has been for our son’s academic and emotional development. Lindsay has the right attitude when motivation is required to bring out the best in kids, she knows when to praise and when to push and has our son always engaged. We are happy to say that our son has been progressing steadily since they started working together and as a result we see our son’s confidence blossoming. From having resistance to read, to a kid that now reads for fun, what more could you ask for! We are very fortunate to have found her in the right moment.

Lindsay Henry has been a fantastic support for our family. From careful lesson planning to impromptu insights and games, she has had a remarkable impact on our son's educational growth. Always teaching with a gentle hand, Lindsay made sure our son always felt engaged, supported and pushed. We could not be happier with the results, both from a performance point of view and social emotionally. Our son loves Lindsay.  She is a gift, a great educational therapist  and we highly recommend her.

Thanks to Lindsay Henry for making a difference in my sons educational confidence and study habits.  Over the past year, she has supported him through a variety of approaches and has worked hard to connect, build trust and share goals.  Lindsay goes out of her way to increase confidence and challenges my son to believe in himself.  We wholeheartedly recommend Lindsay as she is the best educational therapist anyone could have.

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