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Facilitated Playdates

Many of our clients may not fit into the traditional social skills group yet still need social skills support. Our facilitated playdates provide our clients with an opportunity to engage with peers and participate in activities that are of high interest, while being provided with immediate, non-stigmatizing feedback by our facilitators.

Our social skills program offers semi-structured playdates are provided in-home and throughout your community. We develop a playdate series based on your child’s age, interests, strengths, and skills. Each playdate provides your child with an opportunity to develop their social skills while being provided with the right amount of support. Your child’s interests and strengths are emphasized in order for us to provide them with opportunities to navigate social relationships and learn critical social skills while fostering valuable friendships. Playdates provide children with an opportunity to learn new skills or generalize skills that they are currently learning in social skills groups.

We focus on many different skills including but not limited to :

Problem-Solving Abilities
Communication Skills
Introducing Novel Ideas and Activities
Exploring Sensory Activities
Increasing Self-Confidence
Expanding Interests
Increasing ability to adapt to new environments
Awareness of social cues and affect
Perspective taking

Social Skills Groups

Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking curriculum offers children ages 4-6 with engaging, social skills support. The social thinking framework improves social relationships, social cognition/thinking and the ability to engage in unstructured, natural play opportunities. Most importantly, it teachers our students how to build friends with their peers, engage in positive reciprocal relationships and show genuine empathy for others.

The Children’s Friendship Program (UCLA) is an evidence-based, 12-week program is designed for children in elementary school (starting end of 1st grade) who have difficulty making and/or keeping friends. During each session children learn a new skill, practice with group members, receive coaching on their play skills. They are given homework assignments in which they try out their newly learned skills!

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