In-School Support

LEAD Education provides in-school shadowing for students who would benefit from individualized support in the following skills:

· Academic

· Executive Functioning

· Social-Emotional

These skills are targeted by using evidence based educational and therapeutic techniques. Individualized instruction provides the child with developmentally appropriate support and feedback. Direct instruction of skills leads to positive outcomes in academic and social-emotional domains.

LEAD Education supports each student using a non-intrusive, whole-child approach. To provide students with consistent goals and implementation of skills across settings, we collaborate with allied professionals including, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and psychologists when necessary.

Social Skills are targeted through explicit instruction and active guidance in natural settings. Our students are provided with instruction based on Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking model. Our goal is to improve social relationships, social cognition/thinking and the ability to engage in unstructured, natural play opportunities. As well as, it teaches our students how to build friends with their peers, engage in positive reciprocal relationships and show genuine empathy for others.

Collaboration is part of our treatment planning and overall approach to intervention. Input from our students’ teachers plays a large role in our goal setting and instruction.

We strive to provide exceptional support for our students in their academic environments. It is our hope that with appropriate support, they can be successful students, friends and engaged learners.

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