Programs Offered

Educational Therapy

Our approach to Educational Therapy is based on a whole-child model. We support our client’s academic and social-emotional needs. LEAD Education combines educational and therapeutic approaches to assess and develop treatment plans that are individualized to our client strengths and weaknesses. We provide programs that target academic needs, executive functioning skills and social-emotional development.

In addition to one-on-one educational therapy, we offer case management and advocacy services on behalf of our clients and their families.

We are pleased to offer ISEE Testing for students with Accommodations on a small-group and individual basis. We coordinate by appointment when necessary. We do not offer test prep, however, we do offer consultation and refer families to outside resources. 

We offer a comprehensive treatment approach using evidence-based programming and therapeutic techniques.

Cognitive Training

The PACE program is a 12-week intensive program that is designed to improve executive functioning skills. Through targeted intervention, the brain training program can improve a range of underlying skills including, processing skills, auditory and visual memory, and attention. PACE targets and trains skills that have a meaningful impact on learning performance and academic abilities.

The Cogmed Working Memory Training is a computer-based program can help students create a platform for learning skills. Cogmed can effectively change the way the brain functions and improve it’s ability to perform. Cogmed Working Memory Training is the only cognitive training program to focus exclusively on training working memory, a critically important cognitive function.

Working memory is our ability to hold information in mind and to use that information in our thinking to perform tasks. It is essential for attention and focus and plays a critical role in children’s academic achievement.


LEAD Education recognizes that every family has different needs when it comes to their child’s academic success. Oftentimes, parents and children need an Academic Tutor to assist with homework and core-subject instruction. Our Educational Specialists provide one-on-one tutoring to families. Our team supports organizational skills, reinforcing core-subjects, and we develop a plan for homework support.

Consultation & Evaluation

LEAD Education offers families and schools on-going consultation services. Our assessment process consists of reviewing current reports provide by allied professionals, student work samples, school assessments and conducting in-class observations. We train parents and staff to implement individualized instructional methods, appropriate scaffolding techniques, how to incorporate memory techniques into homework and school work and how to support the motivation and social emotional development of our students. Consultation and observations provide our students with on going support and attention.

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